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What is counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy offering you a safe and confidential
space in which to talk freely and openly about yourself and your life
with a professionally qualified counsellor.



Who can benefit?

Counselling is a therapy for anyone regardless of gender, race, age, religious background or sexual orientation. The sorts of issues that people come to counselling for are: depression, anxiety, mental and physical health, stress, anger, bereavement, addiction, abuse, relationship issues, low self esteem, work or study pressures, trauma and postnatal depression.


What does a counselling session involve?

During the first session the counsellor will work with you to explore what it is you want from counselling, how you will work together and whether the offered approach is right for you.  The counsellor will use active listening and intervention skills informed by their therapeutic training to help you open up and explore yourself and the issues you bring to the sessions.


How many sessions are needed?

Each session will last up to an hour.  It’s not possible t say how many sessions are needed as everyone and their presenting issues are different, and therefore the number of sessions needed for each person can vary.  For some just one or two sessions are enough, and others may need more.  The counsellor will discuss this with you at the beginning, and keep reviewing to make sure the counselling is still working for you.  The counsellor is bound by an ethical code of conduct and wants to help you move through your therapeutic journey in the way that is right for you.