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Chavutti Thiramul


What is Chavutti?

Chavutti Thiramul is a style of massage originating from the Kalari tradition of Indian martial arts, where a firm massage was used before training to stretch and strengthen the body.


At Gaia the treatment is received whilst lying on a futon and the practitioner is standing whilst using foot pressure to perform the various massage techniques. The practitioner is supported by holding onto a rope that runs the length of the treatment room, therefore the massage is safely performed without full weight bearing on the recipient. This style of massage offers a firm and deep tissue massage which follows the energy lines (Nadis) of the body.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of Chavutti Thiramul are that it can encourage the release of muscular tension and deep relaxation.  This also supports the body’s detoxification process through the lymphatic system.